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We Are a National Own Program Working in Urban and Rural Areas In Liberia.

CHAP’s impactful operations extend across Liberia’s diverse landscape, including, Montserrado County, Nimba County, Lofa County, Bong County, Grand Gedeh County, Momi County, Rivercess County, Momi County and Grand Bassa County.

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Our Mission & Approach

Our mission and approach involves engaging urban dwellers in agricultural practices tailored to their environment, offering training and resources to establish rooftop gardens, community plots, and vertical farming solutions. Through these efforts, we aim to address food insecurity and promote healthier lifestyles in urban areas. In rural Liberia, our focus is on enhancing traditional farming methods with modern techniques and knowledge transfer. We work closely with rural farmers, providing training in sustainable farming practices, crop diversification, and soil conservation.

By fostering partnerships and collaboration with local stakeholders, government agencies, and international organizations, we maximize our impact and reach, creating a more resilient and food-secure Liberia for generations to come.


A Special Thanks to Our Partners & Sponsors

Our Projects

Donor – Adaption Fund, OSS, ECOWAS

Scaling up of Climate-Resilient Rice Production in West Africa(RICOWAS)



Lofa, Montserrado, Bomi, Bong, Grand Gedeh, and Nimba

Ongoing 2026

The project has 13,620 Farmers and the impact is effective advisory services and doubling domestic rice production 

Donor – Irish Aid and Concern Worldwide

Livelihood innovation Food security and entrepreneurship(LIFE) 



Rivercess and Grand Bassa


The project has 255 Farmers.  The impact introduce SRI as a climate resilient approach, develop IVS and boosting economic growth,  capacity building effective advisory services and doubling domestic rice production

Donor – Swedish Government through UNDP, SCNL and FDA

Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) Project



Lofa and Grand Cape Mount


The project has 500 Farmers. The impact is Providing livelihood services for forest firnge communities by investing in lowland rice using SRI with market linkages.

Donor – MOA/GOL Liberia , Agriculture Commercialization Fund (LACF)

 Rice Investment Scheme for Empowerment (RISE)



Montserrado, Lofa, Bomi, Bassa, Nimba, Grand Gedeh


The project has 354 Farmers. The impact is to rehabilitate Zubah town lowland, purchase farm equipment, build warehouse and fence etc.

Donor – Jubilee Justices 

 Project investment is ” I love Liberian Rice .”


Across the Country (Liberia)


The project has 100ha Farmers. The impact is cultivation and purchase of paddy rice and 100 tons of mill rice.